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North Hill Elementary Partner

COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIP For the past three years, John Knox has been a community partner with the Highline School District, more specifically, North Hill Elementary...
Posted by Marla Evans in John Knox Lobby
Comment from Donna Koerker:

I can help at 3:00

Donna Koerker

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Cookies for Christmas Eve Services

Hello Church, This Christmas Eve, John Knox will see more people attend one of our Christmas Eve services than any other service or Sunday for the entire year.  We...
Posted by John Knox Church in John Knox Presbyterian Church
Comment from Dave Roberts:

Donna and pat: it looks like this post (and perhaps a few others) have been “featured” which pins them to the top. I will unfeature them when I get the chance today and they should then no longer stay up top.



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Two Bite Desserts

The Preschool Ministry Team is collecting donations of delicious ‘Two-Bite Desserts’ for our first annual Christmas in Community Event. Besides being really cute,...
Posted by Marla Evans in John Knox Lobby
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