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Facilities Letter to the Congregation

Dear John Knox Congregation,

As we begin 2017 we thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on 2016 and the efforts of the Facilities Ministry Team.

The Facilities Ministry Team does everything from day-to-day maintenance items to planning and implementing capital improvement projects to keep our campus safe, energy efficient, and usable.  When planning our budgets we look at every opportunity to be frugal, diligent and wise on how funds are spent and our decisions are surrounded by prayer.

John Knox is a busy campus that is in use seven days a week.  These functions depend on the facility to be maintained and up-to-date. There are a number of individuals who have given hundreds of hours of their time and talent that saved John Knox tens of thousands of dollars. The resulting savings to the general budget has allowed for a larger percentage of funds to be used for God’s greater work. 

This last year many projects were accomplished, some of which are highlighted below.  We want to thank all the members of the congregation who helped maintain John Knox’s campus.

Projects accomplished in 2016 include:

·         Exterior painting of the buildings (this included extensive prep work, repair and badly needed painting)

·         New signage and way finding signs installed throughout the campus. 

·         Sanded and refinished the worn hardwood floor at the Worship Center stage to prevent the need for a complete refinishing of floor. 

·         Repainting of walls in Worship Center behind retractable screens

·         Maintenance of all landscape and irrigation systems

·         New furnaces installed in the Education Building

·         New LED parking lot lights(funded in part by PSE rebates)

·         Prayer Garden arbor and cleanup (Sam Allred’s eagle scout project)

·         Prayer Garden cross and Honduras plaque

·         New banner pulley system

·         Extensive trouble shooting, discovery, and successful repair of a leaking water main

·         Repair and patching asphalt pot holes in parking lot

·         Improvements to overall parking lot drainage

·         Tracking and repairing roof leaks and drains 

·         Repair and replacement of failing exterior doors

·         Maintaining all lighting needs and replacing lights and fixtures as needed

The facilities team also documented every aspect of the campus infrastructure and its anticipated replacement timeline.  This allows John Knox to plan for upcoming needs and budget accordingly. Capital projects budgeted for 2017 include:

·         Canopy entry light replacement due to wear and for energy efficiency

·         Seal, coat, and restripe parking lot due to wear and cracking and settling

·         Additional interior and exterior painting

Capital projects planned for 2018 and 2019 include:

·         Admin kitchen update due to failing and non-energy efficient appliances

·         Preschool and worship area carpet replacement due to wear, wrinkles, unevenness and safety concerns

·         Skylight replacement due to wear and persistent leaking

·         Covered walkway from south entrance of Worship Center atrium to Southeast entrance of Youth Center in order to protect exterior doors


We are ever thankful for the way the congregation and the greater John Knox Community have been faithful.  We will continue to work in a way that is humble and is a reflection of God’s love and blessings.  

In gratitude and service,

The Facilities Ministry Team:

Brad Lentz, Elder                              Gayle Chi

Hollie Robins-Jennings                   Larry Williams

Larry Bjork                                          Jeff Richards-Ellis

Greg Hughes                                      Russ Jones

Bill Brockway                                      Scott Easton

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Dave Roberts

Thanks Brad and the rest of the facilities team for all the hours you put in to make our campus such a great place for ministry!

Rick Lentz

Excellent report Brad!  Many thanks to the entire facilities team for their stewardship of our wonderful facility!

Cynthia Quackenbush

Many many thanks to the entire team and all the extra helpers who keep the campus in top shape. This is no small job! We are incredibly blessed.

Cynthia Quackenbush

And appreciate the recap Brad!!!

Haley Ballast

Wow, way to go team! Thanks for sharing this info.

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